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Gardenia is a contemporary Danish shoe brand founded in 1941 by Herman Gutkin.
Back then Herman and the company started out producing beautiful handmade wooden clogs, however in the 1950’s the direction of the brand changed and Herman started making fashionable footwear for women.

Ever since the first shoe left the hands of Herman and went to the consumer – the focus has been on the high quality craftsmanship and the heart has been in the details. The very proud values have been passed down through generations, and are still the very foundation of the company.

Today Gardenia is a third generation brand with Allan Gutkin (great grandchild of Herman Gutkin) as director and owner. The brand consists of two brands: Gardenia Copenhagen and Shoe Biz Copenhagen which was introduced in 1989.

The two brands each have their strengths: Where Gardenia unites classic and exclusive designs with strong seasonal trends. Shoe Biz presents the core of the wearable and comfortable shoe wardrobe. Through a forward-thinking in-house design team and through a range of collaborations with you, talented designers Gardenia Copenhagen has positioned itself not only as a must-have shoe brand but also as one of fashion’s trendsetting names.

What started out in 1941 as a clog business in a basement in Copenhagen’s Nørrebro area has since become an international brand deeply rooted in the design tradition of three generations. Gardenia Copenhagen’s position 
in the 1960s as one of the most successful Danish shoe labels, employing over 100 people, was only strengthened in the 1960s when the brand’s chic stilettos made Gardenia Copenhagen one of the pioneers of the youth generation’s new modern look.